This is a test site of the get-iptc-pmd project on Github

Get IPTC Photo Metadata ...

Option A: ... embedded into an image on the web

(If this field is empty the metadata of the IPTC reference image of the Photo Metadata Standard 2019.1 is shown. This image file comprises all metadata fields defined by that standard.)
What is shown:
The Field Names show:  

Option B: ... embedded into an image uploaded from your computer

What is shown:
The Field Names show:  

Or: Check a Web Page for Image URLs

... and get a list of URLs which may be used as starting point for getting metadata.

This service ...

... builds on the IPTC Photo Metadata Standard and its technical implementations IIM and XMP, and references to Exif. The images are processed this way:

  • An image file - either referenced by a URL or uploaded - is searched for headers holding metadata in the Exif, IIM and XMP format.
  • Each of the headers is searched for metadata fields defined by the IPTC Photo Metadata Standard.
  • What has been found is displayed in three different groupings, see above.
  • For the two grouped display types one can select what the Field Names of the results table show.

A key element of this service is ExifTool, a software developed by Phil Harvey, to retrieve a rich set of metadata fields in different technical formats or to embed such a set into image and video files.

Check images on any web page

Drag the blue IptcPMD (IPTC Photo Metadata) on the right to the toolbar of your browser. (If you have IptcPMD already: delete that one first, then drag and drop the new one.)
If you want to see the photo metadata of images on a web page then click on the IptcPMD in the toolbar while you view this page. The Javascript behind this button tries to retrieve the URL of all images on this page. If only one is found its metadata is shown instantly, if more are found all URLs of images larger than 120 pixels are listed.
This button may reveal images which cannot be found by Check a Web Page for Image URLs because of JavaScript security reasons.
The code behind IptcPMD was updated to access this site by the secure https protocol.

This service is provided by NewsIT-M.W.Steidl